Welcome to the Survey of Time Use by Economists!

We are a group of economists: 

Anders Akerman, email: anders.akerman@ne.su.se, Stockholm University
Anna Larsson, email: anna.larsson@ne.su.se, Stockholm University
Sergei Koulayev, email: sergei.koulayev@gmail.com, Boston University and Boston College
Emilia Simeonova, email: emilia.simeonova@gmail.com, Tufts University and IIES

- who are interested in how their colleagues choose to spend their time and how this affects their research productivity and overall life satisfaction.
Currently the survey is very much in a beta version, and your input is much appreciated.

Please be assured that we respect the anonymity of the answers. We will not use the data to identify persons. Only aggregated functions of data will be shown to the public.

Please check back later for results!