Sergei Koulayev (a.k.a Sergey Kulaev)

Economist, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (
Education: PhD in Economics, Columbia University, 2010; 
MA in Economics, New Economic School, 2003; 

Fields: industrial organization; applied microeconomics. Research interests: household finance; empirical modeling of search; antitrust economics; 

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Completed research 

Explaining adoption and use of payment instruments by US consumerswith Marc Rysman, Scott Schuh and Joanna Stavins. RAND Journal of Economics,Volume 47, Issue 2, 2016

Who Is in Control? The Determinants of Patient Adherence with Medication Therapy, with Emilia Simeonova and Niels Skipper, NBER working paper w19496. Forthcoming in Health Economics.

Using the Economics of the Pass Through in Proving Antitrust Injury in Robinson-Patman cases, with Alexei Alexandrov, The Antitrust Bulletin December 2015 vol. 60 no. 4 345-357

Can Health IT Adoption Reduce Health Disparities?, with Emilia Simeonova, Health Systems 4, 55-63 (March 2015) 

Search for differentiated products: identification and estimationRAND Journal of Economics, Volume 45, Issue 3, 2014. See also Online Appendix.

Search with Dirichlet priors: estimation and implications for consumer demand, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, Volume 31, Issue 2, 2013. 

History of Russian VATa chapter in “Taxation reforms in developing countries: six case studies and policy implications”, edited by Roger Gordon, Columbia University press, 2010

Estimating search with learning, NET institute working paper 08-29.

Work in progress

No Shopping in the U.S. Mortgage Market: Direct and Strategic Effects of Providing More Information, with Alexei Alexandrov 

Price to Compete ... With Many: How to Identify Price Competition in High Dimensional Spacewith Jun Li and Serguei Netessine, revision requested by Management Science 

Optimizing click-through in online rankings for partially anonymous consumers. with Babur de los Santos, revision requested by Marketing Science
What are the determinants of patient behavior? Measuring the benefits of doctor choice: consequences for patient compliance, health care utilization and health outcomes. (with Emilia Simeonova and Niels Skipper; supported by a grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research). 

Price dispersion, price discrimination and competition in hotel industry (work in progress) with Babur de los Santos and Renata Kosova. 

Information, Game Theory and Market Design, for Applied Economics Master's program, Univ of Maryland (2014,2015)

Market Organization and Public Policy, a graduate level class in Boston University. (2012)

Industrial Organization-Competition and Antitrust, an undergraduate course in Boston College (2012-2013) 

Introduction to Econometrics, an undergraduate course in Boston College (2012-2013)

Married to Emilia Simeonova
Nationality: Russian. Languages: Russian, English, conversational Bulgarian and some French  
Religion: Russian Orthodox
Interests: Photography, Sailing, Russian History, Nature

Some useful links:

Chronocontrol - a little program that forces to take breaks in a regular intervals. I do a lot of coding, and this program saves from aching eyes, headache, and useless work. 

Changedetection - a free web service that allows you to track changes on static webpages. I use this to track some 50 economists in whose work I'm interested in. This tool sends me email every time a new paper shows up on the web.